Headquartered in Berlin, TRIPLE NINE GmbH is a fast-growing trading company of food and non-food FMCG - products and brands.

It was founded during Covid-19 pandemic as a health and hygiene company aiming to deliver products that enable individuals to take the best possible care of themselves and the ones they love. Later it has started to rapidly and successfully develop, expanding in the direction of healthy snacks and travel accessories.

Today, TRIPLE NINE serves a large number of internationally well-known retailers as well as convenience-chains all across Europe.

It puts its focus on trend-conscious product quality, short development and delivery times, smooth logistics solutions, service-friendliness and modern marketing.

TRIPLE NINE has offices and sales representatives in Belgrade, Dubai, Berlin and Hamburg.


Travel Essentials

High-quality travel accessories, unique souvenirs as well as eco-friendly health & hygiene products that enable a comfortable and sustainable travel experience.

Functional & Healthy Snacks

We’re always on the lookout for brands all over the world that share the same views as our company. We currently offer a wide range of natural, healthy snacks, drinks and supplements.


It is our mission to provide today’s mindful traveller with a selection of healthy, tasteful, on-the-go snacks and drinks, as well as travel accessories and souvenirs in a contemporary design utilising sustainable packaging.

Our main focus lies on delivering exclusively eco-friendly, innovative and high-quality products to encourage individuals to live happier, cleaner and healthier lives, while making their travelling experience even more comfortable and enjoyable.


TRIPLE NINE’s team of highly qualified professionals is driven by the mutual goal to meet the increasing and diversified demands of the customers.

With a main office in Berlin our international, flexible and motivated team is always open to consider new partnerships with brands that share our values.

One of the cornerstones of the success is the teams ́ vast sourcing network and experience in countries of Eastern Europe and Asia allowing a fast and reliable identification of suitable manufacturer partners.

Triple Nine Hygiene GmbH

Auerbachstraße 12
D - 14193 Berlin
Tel: + 49. 30. 890. 468. 32

Schottmüllerstraße 20A
D - 20251 Hamburg
Tel: +49. 40. 3070. 26. 70

Fax: +49. 30. 89. 046. 89-55
Email: [email protected]

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